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Modelling Solar Variability (D. Passos, CENTRA)

May. 27 - 16:00 - 2010


Dario Passos (CENTRA)


 Modelling Solar Variability


 In an age of technological dependence, the impact of space weather in our society is becoming more and more relevant. The culprit behind space weather is the Sun and its active magnetic cycle. One of the main signatures of this magnetic cycle is the 11 year sunspot cycle whose amplitude, period and shape change over time. These variations from peak to peak in the cycle is referred to has solar variability. A better understanding of the physical mechanisms behind solar variability becomes therefore an asset if we want to ultimately understand, model and predict space weather.  I will present some studies about solar variability in time scales ranging from thousands of years to decades. A theoretical model developed to qualitatively explain the solar magnetic field evolution is introduced and possible applications are discussed. Some insights about the relevant physical mechanisms behind solar variability are presented in the conclusion.

Place and time

Physics department meeting room, 2nd floor

27 May, 10:00

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