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Constraints on Dark Matter Annihilation with High Energy Gamma-Rays Fermi Observations

May. 19 - 20:30 - 2010

<p>Speaker:</p><p>Eric Nuss (Montpellier) </p><p>Title:</p><p>┬áConstraints on Dark Matter Annihilation with High Energy Gamma-Rays Fermi Observations</p><p>Abstract: </p><p>The launch of Fermi by NASA on June 11, 2008 has opened a new era in indirect searches for dark matter. One possible explanation for dark matter is the existence of weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs) which could annihilate or decay and give rise to high energy gamma-rays. The Fermi Large Area Telescope (LAT), the main instrument on board Fermi, is conducting an all-sky gamma-ray survey in the 20 MeV to > 300 GeV energy range with nparalleled sensitivity, making it an excellent instrument to look for gamma-ray emission from dark matter annihilation or decay. The Fermi-LAT Collaboration Dark Matter and New Physics Working group has developed approaches for the indirect astrophysical detection of dark matter and we report here on the first year of Fermi-LAT observation results. While no signal was detected from any class of object by Fermi in that time, we place interesting constraints on dark matter particle models. </p><p>Place and Time:</p><p>Physics Department meetign room, 2nd floor</p><p>19 May, 14:30 </p><p> </p>

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