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Numerical relativity in higher dimensional spacetimes, Hirotada Okawa (CENTRA-IST)

Oct. 11 - 20:30 - 2012

Abstract: Numerical relativity in higher dimensional spacetimes has been one of the powerful tools to study various phenomena such as the stability of higher dimensional black holes and the verification for higher dimensional gravity. It was pointed out that the higher dimensional Planck energy could be around TeV scale and high energy particle collisions could produce black holes. The phases of black hole production at trans-Planckian energy are described well by general relativity in higher dimensions. Furthermore, it is widely believed that although quantum effects should be taken into account over the Planck scale, during high energy collisions of particles, physical processes characterized by the length scale shorter than Planck length are hidden inside black holes. In this seminar, we discuss examples such as black hole collisions and the stability of a black hole to study higher dimensional spacetimes with numerical relativity.

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