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Study of the properties of distant galaxies, by Myriam Rodrigues (Observatorio de Paris-Meudon e CENTRA)

Jun. 22 - 20:30 - 2009

While the growth of dark matter haloes in the frame of the \\Lambda - CDM paradigm is well predicted, the evolution of the baryonic matter is still not well understood. Are spiral formed through collapses of gas at
earlier epoch or do they follow the \\Lambda CDM scheme of galaxy formation? How is the Hubble sequence formed? The recent improvement of 3D spectroscopy opened the study of galaxy kinematics at 0.4 < z < 0.7 (e.g., Flores et al. 2006). The combination of kinematics with imagery from space telescopes can reveal, with unprecedented details, the physical processes at work in distant galaxies. In this framework, I will present the ESO large program IMAGES "Intermediate MAss Galaxy Evolution Sequences" . This survey gathers multi-wavelength data (UV to IR imagery, moderate 2D spectroscopy and 3D spectroscopy) on a
representative sample of emission line, intermediate-mass galaxies at z?0.6, i.e., 6 Gyr ago. The main results of the IMAGES survey will be present and their implication for galaxy evolution scenarios will be discuss.

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