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Higgs production at the LHC and summing loops in QCD, by Jeremy (CENTRA/IST)

Aug. 09 - 08:30 - 2009

The best chance for detecting the Higgs boson at the LHC is through exclusive Higgs <br /> production in pp scattering, where the Higgs is produced in t-channel BFKL Pomeron <br /> exchange with no other production, creating large rapidity gaps between the Higgs and the <br /> emerging protons. The survival probability of the large rapidity gaps is derived by <br /> suppressing diagrams with additional parton showers, which give rise to additional <br /> inelastic scattering which fills up the large rapidity gaps. To accurately estimate the <br /> survival probability, one has to solve the long standing theoretical problem of summing <br /> over the complete set of Pomeron loop diagrams in QCD, in order to find the contribution <br /> of all hard re-scattering diagrams to the survival probability. The survival probability <br /> is crucial for LHC experiments aimed at detecting the Higgs signal, and the summation of <br /> loop diagrams in QCD is a big advance in high energy Physics both from an experimental <br /> and a theoretical point of view.

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