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G2 dualities in 5d minimal supergravity, by Amitabh Virmani (ULB)

Apr. 02 - 20:30 - 2009

Five dimensional minimal supergravity dimensionally reduced
on two commuting Killing directions gives rise to a G2 coset model.
The isometries of the coset model include a set of solution generating
transformations. We apply these transformations on the Kerr string to
generate electric and magnetic rotating black strings. These black
strings describe the infinite radius limit of yet to be found charged
doubly spinning black rings. We present a detailed analysis of
physical properties and thermodynamics of these black strings.

Work in colloboration with: Geoffrey Compere (UCSB), Sophie de Buyl
(UCSB), and Ella Jamsin (ULB)

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