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Black hole-neutron star simulations with BAM code

Jun. 02 - 14:30 - 2022

Speaker: Swami Vivekanandji Chaurasia (Stockholm University)

Title: Black hole-neutron star simulations with BAM code

With the first detections of black hole-neutron star (BHNS) mergers (GW200105 and GW200115) by the LIGO-Virgo-Kagra Collaboration a significant scientific breakthrough was achieved. The physical interpretation of pre-and postmerger signals requires careful cross-examination between observational and theoretical modelling results. In this talk, I will briefly introduce the BAM numerical relativity code and its capabilities in simulating compact object mergers. I will then present our work on simulating excision initial data (ID) of BHNS binary constructed using the publicly available LORENE ID solver and evolved using moving puncture gauge choices. Constrained solved and consistent ID are essential in accurately modeling compact object systems and a wider coverage of the parameter space is needed in exploring the dynamics of such systems. In this regard and with the availability of robust ID solvers like FUKA (public) and Elliptica (inhouse) we are able to explore a wider parameter space with accurate ID. Finally, I will report some improvements in the simulations using ID from these solvers.

Room: Sala de Reuniões e Seminários (2-8.3) (2nd Floor of Physics Building)

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