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Electromagnetic counterpart to (supermassive) black hole coalescence

Sep. 28 - 11:00 - 2021

Speaker: Raphaël Mignon-Risse (AstroParticule & Cosmologie, Paris)

Title: Electromagnetic counterpart to (supermassive) black hole coalescence

The launching in 2030' of the X-ray satellite ATHENA and the gravitational wave (GW) interferometer LISA is a unique opportunity to observe the X-ray/electromagnetic counterpart to the fusion of supermassive black holes. Among other discoveries, we could obtain new constrains on the speed of GWs, test general relativity (GR) in a strong field regime and our scenarii of galaxy formation/mergers, and eventually witness the re-birth of an active galactic nucleus.
In order to prepare the LISA-ATHENA synergies, we need to simulate accreting binary black holes prior to merger and extract their observational signatures to look for with ATHENA. In this talk/discussion, I will share with you my current work on the implementation of an approximate metric around spinning binary black holes (Ireland+16) in our GR-magnetohydrodynamics and ray-tracing codes to perform such studies.

Room: Sala de Reuniões e Seminários (2-8.3) (2nd Floor of Physics Building)

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