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Probing fundamental physics with neutron stars

Nov. 26 - 14:30 - 2020

Speaker: Hector O. Silva (Illinois U., Urbana)

Title: Probing fundamental physics with neutron stars

Neutron stars are some of the most extreme objects in nature. Their large masses (typically around 1.4 times that of the mass) combined with their small radii (typically around 12 km) result in interior densities that can exceed nuclear saturation density, above which exotic states of matter can arise. Moreover, neutron stars are, next to black holes, the strongest gravitational field sources known. These properties make neutron stars outstanding laboratories to study both matter and gravity in situations out of reach in terrestrial and solar system experiments. In this presentation, I will discuss how recent of neutron star observations, through both electromagnetic and gravitational waves, are allowing us to improve our understanding of the internal composition of these stars and to even test Einstein's theory of general relativity.

Room: ZOOM videoconference (contact justin.feng@tecnico.ulisboa.pt for URL)

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