Welcome to my personal homepage. This is where I intend to gather relevant information about my professional life (as well as some fun stuff).

I am a theoretical physicist. The topics of my research are concerned with gravity and high energy physics. Currently I am most interested in theoretical aspects of black hole physics.

I received my PhD in Physics from University of California, Santa Barbara in 2008 under the supervision of Prof. Joseph Polchinski. Currently, I am a post-doc at CENTRA / Instituto Superior Técnico working with Dr. Vitor Cardoso.

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Research Interests

I have a broad range of interests. My research topics over the past years include cosmic strings, information paradox, gauge/gravity dualities, fluid lump solutions dual to black holes, integrability in (super)gravity and cosmic censorship. (Click on each topic to expand/collapse.)

Cosmic strings

Information paradox and the AdS/CFT correspondence

Lobed plasma balls and the fluid-gravity correspondence

Integrability of 5D minimal supergravity

Higher dimensional black holes and cosmic censorship

Constructing dipole black rings

High energy collisions in gravitational duals of confining gauge theories



Here's a list of my publications:

  • Collapsing thin shells with rotation,
    published in Phys.Rev.D89(2014)121501(R)
    (with Térence Delsate and Raphael Santarelli)
  • Flowing along the edge: Spinning up black holes in AdS spacetimes with test particles,
    published in Phys.Rev.D89(2014)064065
    (with Raphael Santarelli)
  • Collapsing rotating shells in Myers-Perry-AdS5 spacetime: A perturbative approach,
    published in Phys.Rev.D89(2014)104006
    (with Raphael Santarelli and Térence Delsate)
  • Holographic collisions in confining theories,
    published in JHEP01(2014)138
    (with Vitor Cardoso, Roberto Emparan, David Mateos and Paolo Pani)
  • Inverse scattering construction of dipole black rings,
    published in Springer Proc.Math.Stat.60(2014)107
    (contribution to the proceedings of the Spanish Relativity Meeting in Portugal, ERE 2012)
    (with Maria J. Rodriguez, Oscar Varela and Amitabh Virmani)
  • Charged black rings from inverse scattering,
    published in Gen.Rel.Grav.45(2013)2099
    (with Maria J. Rodriguez, Oscar Varela and Amitabh Virmani)
  • Greybody factors for non-minimally coupled scalar fields in Schwarzschild-de Sitter spacetime,
    published in Phys.Rev.D87(2013)104034
    (with Luís Crispino, Atsushi Higuchi and Ednilton Oliveira)
  • An electrically charged doubly spinning dipole black ring,
    published in JHEP12(2012)121
    (with Maria J. Rodriguez and Oscar Varela)
  • Inverse scattering construction of a dipole black ring,
    published in JHEP11(2011)008
    (with Maria J. Rodriguez and Amitabh Virmani)
  • Over spinning a black hole?,
    published in J.Phys.:Conf.Ser.314(2011)012064
    (contribution to the proceedings of the Spanish Relativity Meeting (ERE), 2010)
    (with Mariam Bouhmadi-López, Vitor Cardoso and Andrea Nerozzi)
  • Gravitational perturbation of the BTZ black hole induced by test particles and weak cosmic censorship in AdS,
    published in Phys.Rev.D83:104037,2011
    (with Vitor Cardoso)
  • Black holes die hard: Can one spin-up a black hole past extremality?,
    published in Phys.Rev.D81:084051,2010
    (with Mariam Bouhmadi-López, Vitor Cardoso and Andrea Nerozzi)
  • Integrability of Five Dimensional Minimal Supergravity and Charged Rotating Black Holes,
    published in Class.Quant.Grav.27:135011,2010
    (with Pau Figueras, Ella Jamsin and Amitabh Virmani)
  • Phase diagram for non-axisymmetric plasma balls,
    published in JHEP01(2010)021
    (with Vitor Cardoso and Óscar J. C. Dias)
  • Evaporation of large black holes in AdS,
    published in J.Phys.:Conf.Ser.222(2010)012005
    (contribution to the proceedings of the First Mediterranean Conference on Classical and Quantum Gravity (MCCQG), 2009)
  • Evaporation of large black holes in AdS: greybody factor and decay rate,
    published in JHEP08(2009)027
  • Evaporation of large black holes in AdS: coupling to the evaporon,
    published in JHEP08(2008)075
  • Cosmic String Loops, Large and Small,
    published in Phys.Rev.D77:123528,2008
    (with Florian Dubath and Joseph Polchinski)
  • Scaling solution for small cosmic string loops,
    published in Phys.Rev.Lett.100:071601,2008
  • Periodic gravitational waves from small cosmic string loops,
    published in Phys.Rev.D76:024001,2007
    (with Florian Dubath)
  • Cosmic string structure at the gravitational radiation scale,
    published in Phys.Rev.D75:123503,2007
    (with Joseph Polchinski)
  • Analytic study of small scale structure on cosmic strings,
    published in Phys.Rev.D74:083504,2006
    (with Joseph Polchinski)

A list of my papers can be found (and downloaded) also through INSPIRE.


Curriculum Vitae

My curriculum can be downloaded by clicking here.



You can reach me by email at the following address:

Otherwise, my address at CENTRA/IST is the following:

Edifício Ciência, 4º Piso
Instituto Superior Técnico - IST
Av. Rovisco Pais 1
1049-001 Lisboa, PORTUGAL

This is where my office is located (4th floor, next to CENTRA's secretariat) and I would be glad to meet you there!


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My Own Creations

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