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All the theses of members of our group are freely available. If you have any further question, please direct them to the thesis author or supervisor. If you find any of the work useful, please acknowledge by referencing it.




Energy Extraction from Black Holes - Filip Hejda - 2019 - PhD Thesis


Parametric-Resonance Based Phenomenology of Gravitating Axion Configurations - Mateja Boškovic 2019 - MSc Thesis


Scalar field Effects on the Motion of Stars - Miguel Ferreira 2019 - PhD Thesis


Dynamical Behavior of Black-hole Spacetimes - Kyriakos Destounis 2019 - PhD Thesis


Shadows and gravitational lensing of Black Holes interacting with fundamental fields - Pedro Cunha 2019  - PhD Thesis


Gravitational waves and massive gravitons - Gonçalo Castro 2018 - MSc Thesis


Magnus Effect in General Relativity - Rita Franco 2018 - MSc Thesis


Characterization of echoes: toy models and compact objects - Miguel Correia 2018 - MSc Thesis


Acoustic Black Holes and Superresonance Mechanisms - Sofia Freitas 2017 - MSc Thesis


Relativistic Tidal Love Numbers: Tests of Strong-Field Gravity - Guilherme Raposo 2016 - MSc Thesis


Compact Objects in General Relativity and Beyond - Caio Macedo 2016 - PhD Thesis


Superradiance of Bosonic Fermion Condensates -  Rodrigo Vicente 2016 - MSc Thesis


Bosonic Stars: Scalar and Vector Field Self-Gravitating Configurations - Miguel Duarte 2016 - MSc Thesis


Fundamental fields around compact objects: Massive spin-2 fields, Superradiant instabilities and Stars with dark matter cores - Richard Pires Brito 2016 - PhD Thesis


Superradiant amplification by stars and black holes - João Luis Rosa 2015 - MSc Thesis


Stability of AdS - Jorge Lopes 2014 - MSc Thesis


The Kerr black hole hypothesis: a review of methods and results - João Rico 2013 - MSc Thesis


Matter around black holes: testing scalar-tensor theories and particle ejection during mergers of Dark Matter Halos - Isabella Carucci 2013 - MSc Thesis


New frontiers in Numerical Relativity  - Miguel Zilhão 2012 - PhD Thesis


Black hole dynamics in generic spacetimes - Helvi Witek 2012 - PhD Thesis


Efeitos de Auto-interação na Dinâmica de um Corpo no Espaço-tempo - Paulo Luz 2012 - MSc Thesis


Dynamics around black holes: Radiation Emission and Tidal E ffects - Richard Brito 2012 - MSc Thesis


Acoustic Black Holes and Superresonance Mechanisms - Miguel Marques 2011 - MSc Thesis


Approximation Methods in the Study of Gravitational-Wave Generation: From the Quadrupole to the ZFL - Madalena Lemos 2010 - MSc Thesis