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Due to the limited amount of available seats in the room, all of those that are interested in participate in this conference should send a registration e-mail to our secretary Mrs. Dulce Conceição at the address with the subject: Sign in for MDUniverse, and with your NAME and AFFILIATION. Thank you!


Invited Speakers

Alfredo Barbosa Henriques
"35 years of friendship"

Amaro Rica da Silva

"Wavelets in astrophysics"

Ana Mourão
"Galactic metallicity and the expansion of the Universe"

Carlos Pajares
"Four decades of hadronic physics"

Emílio Ribeiro
"Hadrons and chiral symmetry"

Filipe Moura
"Perturbations and scattering of string-corrected black

Guilherme Milhano
"A tale of two worlds"

Gustavo Castelo Branco
"On the origin of CP violation"

Ilídio Lopes
"Giving light to dark matter"

João Seixas
"Polarization measurements at the LHC"

Jorge Dias de Deus
"Geometric scaling"

Jorge Romão
"Neutrinos in supersymmteric models"

José Sande Lemos
"Similarity and Self-Similarity in Physics and Astrophysics"

Kostas Kokkotas
"Gravitational waves: the sounds of the Universe"

Mário Pimenta
"Inside the proton from ISR to Auger"

Mário Santos
"Cosmology with the 21cm line"

Paulo Moniz
"A new plateau for string inflation"

Roberto Ugoccioni

"Turning debris of particle collisions into money
(from multiparticle dynamics to financial operational risk)"

Robertus Potting
"Photons and gravitons as Goldstone bosons"

Teresa Peña
"The spin of the proton: going back to basics to move forward"

Vallery Stanishev
"Supernova cosmology"

Vitor Cardoso
"Compact objects in Eddington inspired gravity"

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Thursday 14 July 2011 - Auditorium of Complexo Interdisciplinar
Morning Session
Chairman: José Sande Lemos (CENTRA/IST)
09h00-10h55   Conversations and interviews with Jorge Dias de Deus
(in his office)
10h55-11h00   Mário Pimenta (LIP e IST) - Opening remarks
11h00-11h30   Ana Maria Mourão (CENTRA/IST)
11h30-12h00   Vallery Stanishev (CENTRA/IST)
12h00-12h30   Amaro Rica da Silva (CENTRA/IST)
12h30-14h00   Lunch
Afternoon Initial Session
Chairman: Jorge Rocha (CENTRA/IST)
14h00-14h30   Ilídio Lopes (Univ. Évora, CENTRA/IST)
14h30-15h00   Mário Santos (CENTRA/IST)
15h00-15h30   Guilherme Milhano (CENTRA/IST)
15h30-16h00   Filipe Moura (CMAT/Univ. do Minho)
16h00-16h30   Tea and Coffee
Afternoon Final Session
Chairman: Da-Wei Pang (CENTRA/IST
16h30-17h00   Paulo Vargas Moniz (CENTRA/UBI)
17h00-17h30   José Sande Lemos (CENTRA/IST)
17h30-18h00   João Seixas (CFTP/IST)
18h00-18h30   Teresa Peña (CFTP/IST)

Friday 15 July 2011 - Auditorium of Complexo Interdisciplinar

Morning Session
Chairman: José Sande Lemos (CENTRA/IST)
09h00-09h20   António Cruz Serra (Official Cerimony with the President of IST)
09h20-09h30   Homage by the IST Physics Students Club (NFIST)
09h30-10h30   Jorge Dias de Deus (Jubilation Lecture) (CENTRA/IST)
10h30-11h00   Tea and Coffee
11h00-11h45   Carlos Pajares (Review Talk) (Univ. Santiago, Spain)
11h45-12h30   Kostas Kokkotas (Review Talk) (Univ. of Tübingen, Germany)
12h30-14h00   Lunch
Afternoon Initial Session
Chairman: Paulo Moniz (CENTRA/Univ. Beira Interior)
14h00-14h30   Gustavo Castelo Branco (CFTP/IST)
14h30-15h00   Jorge Romão (CFTP/IST)
15h00-15h30   Robertus Potting (CENTRA/UALG)
15h30-16h00   Mário Pimenta (LIP/IST)
16h00-16h30   Tea and Coffee
Afternoon Final Session
Chairwoman: Ana Mourão (CENTRA/IST)
16h30-17h00   Emilio Ribeiro (CFIF/IST)
17h00-17h30   Vitor Cardoso (CENTRA/IST)
17h30-18h00   Roberto Ugoccioni (Intesa Sanpaolo, Italy)
18h00-18h30   Alfredo Barbosa Henriques (CENTRA/IST)
18h30:18h35   George Rupp (CFIF/IST) e José Sande Lemos (CENTRA/IST) - Closing remarks
20h30   Conference Dinner


Organization: CENTRA
Organizing Committee: José Sande Lemos, Ana Mourão e Robertus Potting

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