Postdoc positions at CENTRA Print

There are two ways to obtain a postdoc Fellowship to work in CENTRA.

The first is by applying directly to some opened position within CENTRA, in which case it will be advertised in this webpage.

The second way is by applying to FCT, the portuguese science foundation. The Portuguese Science Foundation opens applications for individual post-doctoral fellowships in all areas roughly every summer, and applicants must apply together with a research advisor and a research group. If you are interested in applying for this fellowship, the first step consists in sending an email expressing so to the person you which to work with.

If you reach an agreement with a CENTRA member, the complete procedure is described in the FCT web-page, in particular the Fellowships and Grants section, where you should pay attention to the BPD (Post-Doctoral Grant) fellowship.These positions are typically 3-year long. Deadline for application is typically between May and September, with evaluations on two cycles: one after June and the other after September, with results coming out typically a couple of months later.