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CENTRA gives its full support to people applying for a PhD. In particular, we will assist you applying for a scholarship with FCT, with travel money to attend conferences and with space and personal computer.


Previous PhDs in CENTRA

Here is a list of some colleagues who have done very successful PhDs in CENTRA:

  • Luis Mendes, Supervisor: Alfredo Barbosa Henriques
  • Vitor Cardoso, "Quasinormal modes and gravitational radiation in black hole spacetimes", Ph.D. IST, 2003. Supervisor: J. P. S. Lemos. Papers published during PhD: 19. Journals: Physical Review D, Classical and Quantum Gravity, General Relativity and Gravitation, JHEP. Postdoc Fellows: CFC, Coimbra U; Washington University in St. Louis; University of Mississippi. Current position: Senior Researcher, CENTRA.
  • Gonçalo Apra Dias, "Black hole entropy", IST, Ph.D. to be submited for evaluation in August 2008 Supervisor: J. P. S. Lemos. 2 papers published in Physical Review D, one to be submitted.
  • Brigitte Tomé, "Rotating neutron stars, r-mode instability and gravitational radiation" Ph.D. to be defended in July 2008, Physics Department, University of Algarve, supervisor: P. M. Sá. 2 papers published in Physical Review D.
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