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José Pizarro de Sande e Lemos
President - Professor Catedrático (Full Professor)
Gravitation, black holes, fundamental physics. quantum gravity, astrophysics, cosmology, high energy physics
  • Theoretical Astrophysics and Cosmology
  • Fundamental Physics
  • High Energy Physics
+ 351 21 8419048


Hamiltonian thermodynamics of charged three-dimensional dilatonic black holes2008
Plane symmetric thin-shell wormholes: solutions and stability2008
Hamiltonian thermodynamics of three-dimensional dilatonic black holes2008
Black hole mimickers: regular versus singular behavior2008
Spatial and observational homogeneities of the galaxy distribution in standard cosmologies2008
Collapsing and static thin massive charged dust shells in a Reissner-Nordstr'om black hole background in higher dimensions2008
Fermi's approach to the study of hadronic interactions2008
Bonnor stars in d spacetime dimensions2008
Non-minimal coupling for the gravitational and electromagnetic fields: black hole solutions and solitons2008
Binary Collisions and the Slingshot Effect2007
Black hole entropy and the holographic principle2007
Quasi black holes: definition and general properties2007
Static and collapsing spherically symmetric charged thin shells in Lovelock gravity coupled to Maxwell electromagnetism: Hamiltonian treatment and physical implications2007
Electrically charged compact stars2006
Gravitational magnetic monopoles and Majumdar-Papapetrou stars2006
Geometric parametrization of binary elastic collisions2006
Conformal entropy from horizon states: Solodukhin's method for spherical, toroidal, and hyperbolic black holes in D- dimensional anti-de Sitter spacetimes2006
Black holes and fundamental physics2005
A class of exact solutions of Einstein's field equations in higher dimensional spacetimes, d >= 4: Majumdar- Papapetrou solutions2005
The Tolman-Bondi--Vaidya Spacetime: matching timelike dust to null dust2005
Local conditions for the generalized covariant entropy bound2005
Non-minimal coupling for the gravitational and electromagnetic fields: A general system of equations2005
New instability for rotating black branes and strings2005
Thick shells and stars in Majumdar-Papapetrou general relativity2005
Global embedding of D-dimensional black holes with a cosmological constant in Minkowskian spacetimes: Matching between Hawking temperature and Unruh temperature2004
Pair creation of higher dimensional black holes on a de Sitter background2004
Quasinormal modes and stability of the rotating acoustic black hole: Numerical analysis2004
Quasinormal modes and classical wave propagation in analogue black holes2004
The black hole bomb and superradiant instabilities2004
The covariant entropy bound in gravitational collapse2004
Charged polytropic compact stars2004
Supergravity p-branes revisited: Extra parameters, uniqueness, and topological censorship2004
Plane symmetric traversable wormholes in an anti-de Sitter background2004
Nariai, Bertotti-Robinson and anti-Nariai solutions in higher dimensions2004
Quasi-Black Holes from Extremal Charged Dust2004
Pair creation of de Sitter black holes on a cosmic string background2004
Quasinormal modes of Schwarzschild black holes in four and higher dimensions2004
Scalar gravitational perturbations and quasinormal modes in the five dimensional Schwarzschild black hole2003
Electromagnetic radiation from collisions at almost the speed of light: an extremely relativistic charged particle falling into a Schwarzschild black hole2003
Late-time tails of wave propagation in higher dimensional spacetimes2003
Electrically charged compact stars and formation of charged black holes2003
The extremal limits of the C-metric: Nariai, Bertotti- Robinson and anti-Nariai C-metrics2003
Quasinormal frequencies of Schwarzschild black holes in anti-de Sitter spacetimes: A complete study on the asymptotic behavior2003
Morris-Thorne wormholes with a cosmological constant2003
Quasinormal modes of the near extremal Schwarzschild-de Sitter black hole2003
Pair of accelerated black holes in a de Sitter background: The dS C-metric2003
Gravitational radiation in D-dimensional spacetimes2003
Gravitational radiation from the radial infall of highly relativistic point particles into Kerr black holes2003
Pair of accelerated black holes in anti-de Sitter background: The AdS C-metric2003
The radial infall of a highly relativistic point particle into a Kerr black hole along the symmetry axis2003
Optical activity induced by curvature in a gravitational pp-wave background2002
Four-dimensional anti-de Sitter black holes from a three- dimensional perspective: Full complexity2002
Magnetic point sources in three dimensional Brans-Dicke gravity theories2002
Black hole collision with a scalar particle in four, five and seven dimensional anti-de Sitter spacetimes: Ringing and radiation2002
Gravitational radiation from collisions at the speed of light: A massless particle falling into a Schwarzschild black hole2002
Scalar synchrotron radiation in the Schwarzschild-anti-de Sitter geometry2002
Rotating magnetic solution in three dimensional Einstein gravity2002
Black hole collision with a scalar particle in three dimensional anti-de Sitter spacetime2002
Magnetic strings in anti-de Sitter general relativity2002
Quasi-normal modes of toroidal, cylindrical and planar black holes in anti-de Sitter spacetimes2001
Quasi-normal modes of Schwarzschild anti-de Sitter black holes: Electromagnetic and gravitational perturbations2001
Static and rotating electrically charged black holes in three-dimensional Brans-Dicke gravity theories2001
Interaction of gravitational waves with domain walls2001
False vacuum decay: Effective one-loop action for pair creation of domain walls2001
Singular behaviour of electric and magnetic fields in dielectric media in a non-linear gravitational wave background2001
Linear perturbations in a universe with a cosmological constant2001
Scalar, electromagnetic and Weyl perturbations of BTZ black holes: Quasi normal modes2001
Cherenkov radiation in a gravitational wave background2001
Supersymmetry of the extreme rotating toroidal black hole2001
No-go theorem for false vacuum black holes2001
Rotating toroidal black holes in anti-de Sitter spacetimes and their properties2000
Gravitational instabilities in helicity-1 waves propagating through matter in equilibrium2000
Born-Infeld electromagnetism in Kaluza-Klein theory2000
Thermodynamics of toroidal black holes2000
Equiangular Spiral Modes of Power Law Disks1999
Dimensionally continued Oppenheimer-Snyder gravitational collapse. II: Solutions in odd dimensions1999
Collapsing shells of radiation in anti-de Sitter spacetimes and the hoop and cosmic censorship conjectures1999
Thermodynamics of Reissner-Nordstroem-anti-de Sitter black holes in the grand canonical ensemble1999
Gravitational collapse to toroidal, cylindrical and planar black holes with gravitational and other forms of radiation1998
Stationary black holes in a generalized three-dimensional theory of gravity1998
Dimensionally continued Oppenheimer-Snyder gravitational collapse. I: Solutions in even dimensions1997
A profusion of black holes from two to ten dimensions1996
Black holes: From galactic nuclei to elementary particles1996
Thermodynamics of the two-dimensional black hole in the Teitelboim-Jackiw theory1996
The Three-Dimensional BTZ Black Hole as a Cylindrical System in Four-Dimensional General Relativity1996
Rotating Charged Black String and Three Dimensional Black Holes1996
Black holes in three-dimensional dilaton gravity theories1996
Two families of exact disks with a central black hole1995
Cylindrical black hole in general relativity1995
Two-dimensional black holes and planar general relativity1995
The Black holes of a general two-dimensional dilaton gravity theory1994
The Two-dimensional analog of general relativity1994
Planar and axisymmetric walls in general relativity: A Confrontation1994
Exact general relativistic thin disks around black holes1994
Nonsingular constant curvature two-dimensional black hole1994
Superposition of Morgan and Morgan discs with a Schwarzschild black hole1993
Topological defects with axial symmetry: A Disk + a string1993
Naked singularities: Gravitationally collapsing configurations of dust or radiation in spherical symmetry. A Unified treatment1992
Topological defects from counter rotating disks1991
Radiating cylindrical collapse1991
On Naked singularities in selfsimilar Tolman-Bondi space- times1991
Global stability of selfsimilar Newtonian gaseous discs against axisymmetric perturbations1991
Disc instability to the pulsating mode1990