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Jorge Rocha
Post-doctoral Researcher
My current interests mainly concern four topics: (1) Study of gravitational perturbations generated during high energy collisions of point particles in AdS or during the infall of test particles into black holes in AdS; (2) Integrability methods in theories of (super)gravity, aiming at finding new solutions that have been conjectured to exist; (3) Testing the cosmic censorship conjecture in higher dimensional spacetimes and/or spacetimes including a cosmological constant; (4) Computation of greybody factors in spacetimes with a cosmological constant and/or rotation. Past areas of research include: (5) Hydrodynamic/gravity duality, and the study of non-axisymmetric configurations of plasma balls dual to asymptotically AdS black holes; (6) Evaporation of large black holes in anti-de Sitter spacetimes in the context of the AdS/CFT correspondence; (7) Small scale properties and possible signatures of cosmic string networks in the universe.
  • Fundamental Physics
  • High Energy Physics