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Mariam Bouhmadi López
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Mariam Bouhmadi López
Post-doctoral Researcher
I am mainly interested in Brane-World Cosmology, Quantum Cosmology and Theoretical Models of Dark Energy.
  • Theoretical Astrophysics and Cosmology
  • Fundamental Physics
+351 21 8419654


Stochastic gravitational waves from a new type of modified Chaplygin gas2010
Cosmography of f(R) - brane cosmology2010
Appeasing the Phantom Menace?2010
Black holes die hard: can one spin-up a black hole past extremality?2010
k-essence in the DGP brane-world cosmology2010
Exploring the dark side of the Universe in a dilatonic brane-world scenario2009
Late-time acceleration in a brane with curvature effects2009
Self-accelerating the normal DGP branch2009
On the quantum fate of singularities in a dark-energy dominated universe2009
Crossing the cosmological constant line in a dilatonic brane-world model with and without curvature corrections2008
Phantom-like behaviour in a brane-world model with curvature effects2008
Worse than a big rip?2008
Phantom-like behaviour in dilatonic brane-world scenario with induced gravity2008
On the thermal boundary condition of the wave function of the Universe2007
Chaplygin DGP cosmologies2007
On the generalised Chaplygin gas: worse than a big rip or quieter than a sudden singularity?2007
Quantisation of Parameters and the String Landscape Problem2007
Tensorial perturbations in a brane with induced gravity2006
Brane world states from a generalized Chaplygin gas2005
Induced gravity with a non-minimally coupled scalar field on the brane2005
FRW quantum cosmology with a generalized Chaplygin gas2005
Escaping the Big Rip?2005
Gravitational waves from brane-world inflation with induced gravity2004
On new gravitational instantons describing creation of brane-worlds2002
Topological defect brane-world models2002
Quantum behavior of FRW radiation-filled universes2002
Brane-worlds in quantum cosmology2002
Comments on conformal stability of brane-world models2002
Perfect fluid brane-world model2001
Creation of open universes and CFT/AdS duality2001