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Vallery Stanishev
Research Scientist
International Astronomical Union
Observational studies of supernovae; Supernova Cosmology; Interacting Binary Stars; Time-series analysis;
  • Observational Cosmology
3650 (local IST); ++351 218419650 (from outside)


Photometric study of selected cataclysmic variables II. Time-series photometry of nine systems.2009
Type Ia SNe Along Redshift: The $\backslash$mathcal $\$R$\$(Si II) Ratio and the Expansion Velocities in Intermediate-z Supernovae2009
SN 2008S: an electron-capture SN from a super-AGB progenitor?2009
Near-IR search for lensed supernovae behind galaxy clusters. I. Observations and transient detection efficiency2009
Near-IR search for lensed supernovae behind galaxy clusters. II. First detection and future prospects2009
Extensive optical and near-infrared observations of the nearby, narrow-lined type Ic SN 2007gr: days 5 to 4152009
An Intensive Hubble Space Telescope Survey for z\gt1 Type Ia Supernovae by Targeting Galaxy Clusters2009
A New Determination of the High-Redshift Type Ia Supernova Rates with the Hubble Space Telescope Advanced Camera for Surveys2008
The Carbon-rich Type Ic SN 2007gr: The Photospheric Phase2008
Comparative Direct Analysis of Type Ia Supernova Spectra. IV. Postmaximum2008
The Outermost Ejecta of Type Ia Supernovae2008
ESC supernova spectroscopy of non-ESC targets2008
Light curves of five type Ia supernovae at intermediate redshift2008
Correcting second-order contamination in low-resolution spectra2007
The Type Ia Supernova 2004S, a Clone of SN 2001el, and the Optimal Photometric Bands for Extinction Estimation2007
ESC observations of SN 2005cf - I. Photometric evolution of a normal Type Ia supernova2007
ESC and KAIT observations of the transitional Type Ia SN 2004eo2007
A giant outburst two years before the core-collapse of a massive star2007
SN 2003du: 480 days in the life of a normal type Ia supernova2007
Quantitative comparison between type Ia supernova spectra at low and high redshifts: a case study2007
ESC observations of SN 2005cf. II. Optical spectroscopy and the high-velocity features2007
The early spectral evolution of SN 2004dt2007
Spectroscopy of twelve type Ia supernovae at intermediate redshift2006
Measurement of $\Omega$_m, $\Omega$_\u039b from a Blind Analysis of Type Ia Supernovae with CMAGIC: Using Color Information to Verify the Acceleration of the Universe2006
Photometric study of selected cataclysmic variables2006
Photometry of the SW Sextantis-type nova-like BH Lyncis in high state2006
SN 2004aw: confirming diversity of Type Ic supernovae2006
Spectroscopic confirmation of high-redshift supernovae with the ESO VLT.2005
The Diversity of Type Ia Supernovae: Evidence for Systematics?2005
High-Velocity Features: A Ubiquitous Property of Type Ia Supernovae2005
Restframe I-band Hubble diagram for type Ia supernovae up to redshift z \tilde 0.52005
Spectroscopic Observations and Analysis of the Unusual Type Ia SN 1999ac2005
Spectra of High-Redshift Type Ia Supernovae and a Comparison with Their Low-Redshift Counterparts2005
H$\alpha$ variability of the recurrent nova T Coronae Borealis2004
Accretion disc evolution in DW Ursae Majoris: A photometric study2004
Flickering variability of T Coronae Borealis2004
Spectroscopic Observations and Analysis of the Peculiar SN 1999aa2004
The binary progenitor of Tycho Brahe's 1572 supernova2004
New Constraints on $\Omega$_M, $\Omega$_\u039b, and w from an Independent Set of 11 High-Redshift Supernovae Observed with the Hubble Space Telescope2003
PX Andromedae: Superhumps and variable eclipse depth2002
On the massive star contents of Cygnus OB22002
NSV 786 is not a cataclysmic variable2002
Spectroscopy of TT Arietis in ``positive superhumps'' state2001
Research Note IY Ursae Majoris: Accretion disc evolution after superoutburst2001
TT Arietis: 1985-1999 accretion disc behaviour1999
MV Lyrae: Photometric study at high state1999
TT Arietis: Photometric variability from 1985 to 19941997
A Analysis of Long-Term Light Curves of Four Novalike Variables1996