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Jose Guilherme Milhano
Research Scientist
Hot and Dense QCD. Heavy Ion Physics. Perturbative QCD in the presence of matter. Non-linearities in Parton structure evolution.
  • Fundamental Physics
  • High Energy Physics


Testing factorization in pA collisions at the LHC2011
Jet Quenching via Jet Collimation2011
AAMQS: A non-linear QCD analysis of new HERA data at small-x including heavy quarks2011
AAMQS: a non-linear phenomenological tool2011
AAMQS: a non-linear QCD description of new HERA data at small-x2011
Jet quenching via jet collimation2011
The role of in-medium color flow for high-p(T) particle production in A A collisions2011
Rapidity and energy dependence of average transverse momentum and particle density in saturation models2010
Testing nuclear parton distributions with pA collisions at the TeV scale2010
Non-linear QCD meets data: A Global analysis of lepton-proton scattering with running coupling BK evolution2009
A Model for net-baryon rapidity distribution2009
Heavy Ion Collisions at the LHC - Last Call for Predictions2008
Energy conservation and scaling violations in particle production2008
Reaction-diffusion processes in zero transverse dimensions as toy models for high-energy QCD2008
Forward-Backward rapidity correlations at all rapidities2007
Multiplicity distributions in rapidity for Pb-Pb and p-Pb central collisions from a simple model2007
Forward-Backward (F-B) rapidity correlations in a two step scenario2007
A simple evolution equation for rapidity distributions in nucleus nucleus collisions2007
First correction to JIMWLK evolution from the classical equations of motion2007
O(alpha(s)**2) corrections to JIMWLK evolution from the classical equations of motion2006
On correlations and discreteness in non-linear QCD evolution2006
Nuclear size and rapidity dependence of the saturation scale from QCD evolution and experimental data2005
Numerical analysis of the Balitsky-Kovchegov equation with running coupling: Dependence of the saturation scale on nuclear size and rapidity2005
A variational look at QCD2004
Variational techniques in non-perturbative QCD2004
Variational analysis of deconfinement in gluodynamics2003